Trustees and Finance

  • Function as Christian stewards of property God has entrusted to the congregation. This includes supervising and maintaining both the physical property of the congregation and gifts made to the congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective and all legal requirements related to the property are satisfied. The board should consult regularly with the pastor about property matters. Trustees receive and administer all gifts made to the congregation and make certain that trust funds of the congregation are invested properly. Trustees annually review property, liability, and crime insurance coverage on church-owned property, buildings, and equipment. They also review personnel insurance for protection against risk and consult with the pastor-parish relations team about other personnel insurance. Trustees conduct an annual accessibility audit of buildings and grounds to discover and then work toward eliminating barriers that impede the full participation of all people. The team submits annual budget requests to the committee on finance for property maintenance and improvement and new property purchases.


  • Servants" that serve with both ―head and ―hands. Those recognized as Deacons are typically chosen to occupy positions of authority in the church, and through this role, they relieve the pastor and elders of any responsibilities that would keep them from fulfilling their assignment (Acts 6:2- 4). This ministry demands a high level of commitment, maturity, and dedication (1 Timothy 3:8-13). Training is conducted throughout the year and plans are discussed on how to better carry out various responsibilities (i.e. offering collections, assisting in church ordinances, security, etc.)

Deaconess & Elders Wives

  • Responsibilities generally include such tasks as assisting with church ordinances, supporting the clergy, ministering to the needy and educating female church members.

Christian Education

  • Oversees the Christian Education of the Church and the Sunday School Superintendent. This ministry is responsible to the pastor for the total educational church program and activities. Lead in choosing and securing the most suitable educational and curriculum materials available.

Music Ministry

  • This ministry provides anointed praise, worship, and music. They assist in leading the congregation into the presence of God through music and song. This ministry consists of singers and musicians who serve in weekly services and special events.

Ushers Ministry

  • The beauty of the Lord‘s house is its order and much of this will depend upon an efficient Usher Board. Ushers help to ensure that attendees are comfortable and properly seated. Ushers serve at all services, meetings, conventions, and special events including funerals. Ushers should be alert, quick thinkers and swift movers in the sanctuary. Ushers train periodically to develop new strategies to manage and maintain order in the sanctuary.

  • GREETERS:  Greeters are the welcoming team of the church. Their motto is, ―We don‘t have visitors, only honored guests!‖ Greeters help to ensure that attendees feel loved and most of all welcomed.

Media Ministry

  • This ministry oversees the church‘s media production and distribution. This team is responsible for controlling, setting and maintaining the sound levels of microphones and other audio equipment. This team is responsible for supplying videography, image magnification and powerpoint visual effects for projection screens. In addition, this team provides audio and video recordings of every service. This team is responsible for distributing the audio and video recordings of our services through CDs and DVDs. These recordings are offered free to members and guests.  These products are normally available for pick up the next service date. However, on Sundays, a limited number of CDs are available the same day for church members and guests.

Youth Ministry

  • Is responsible to the pastor or Christian Education Chairperson for assisting the church in planning, coordinating and promoting the youth programs of the church, special youth projects, assignment, and events.

Nurses Ministry

  • The Nurses Guild is a vital unit. This guild is staffed with competent persons, including Registered Nurses (RN) and/or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). They serve at all regularly scheduled services and all special meetings. They also accompany the Pastor during any speaking engagements. In addition they serve the ministerial staff including visiting clergy.

Evangelists Ministry

  • Is responsible for the church. Supervised by the pastor and will be responsible for the development and promotion of the evangelistic and outreach ministries of the church.

Program Committee

  • Plans and coordinates special events Such as:

  • Church Anniversary

  • Pastor Anniversary

  • Memorial Day 

  • Women's Day

  • Men's Day

  • And More!

Church Administration

  • To assist the pastor in the administration of all business functions of the church. Works closely with the pastor, the pastoral staff, church trustees and officers, church committees and ministry teams and assist in facilitating the vision of the church committees and teams.

Evangelism & Outreach Ministry

  • Is responsible for the church. Supervised by the pastor and will be responsible for the development and promotion of the evangelistic and outreach ministries of the church.

Couples Ministry

  • The Couples Ministry is provided to help couples build healthy and lasting relationships through fellowships and other activities held throughout the year.

Praise Worship Drama Ministry

  • Responsible for bringing biblical messages to life through skits and various other dramatizations. Productions are done periodically throughout the year. This ministry is open to members both young and old. The Dance Team provides an alternative form of worship through dance and synchronized movement. This team is open to members both young and old.

Womens Ministry

  • As the name implies, is to “Empower Women for Purpose”. God is calling for Spirit-filled and Spirit-led women who are well informed, equipped, driven and inspired by the Word of God. To this end we will be mature women endeavoring to totally depend on God.

Sunday School Superintended

  • The Sunday School Superintendent primary function of this position is to make sure that the various classes offered by the Sunday School are organized, effective and growing in attendance.