Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church 

On the third Sunday in April 1934, three members received letters of good standing from the Warner Grove Baptist Church. The late Sis and Bro Excel Herron and Sis Emma Smith organized the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church. The late Rev. William Claxton was the moderator and the late R.L. Crawford was the church secretary.


The small band of Christians mobilized their resources for the new church and extended a call to the Rev. L. C. Collins to be their first pastor. Their location was a building at East 49th Street and Community College. The church played a direct role in the social, political, and spiritual lives of people in the city and beyond.  A short time later, the church was relocated to East 63rd and Scovill Avenue. Due to the rapid growth of the congregation, there was a need to relocate. The church purchased a building on East 59th Street. Shortly thereafter, the church moved again to the current location at 1643 E. 55th street.


From 1937-1952 there was leadership changed.  During this period of time, Corinthian was led by four pastors.

In April 1937, the church extended a call to the Rev. J.W. Johnson who accepted and served faithfully for three years until he was called to pastor another church. In June 1940, the church extended a call to the Rev. A. J. Mason. Rev Mason served for three years. Approximately May 1943, Rev. Smallwood accepted the call to pastor Corinthian Baptist Church. In October 1943, the church extended a call to Rev. J. W. Webb who served faithfully as pastor for 9 years before he passed away in 1952.


On July 6, 1952, Rev. J.C. Wimbush accepted the call to pastor the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church. At the time Rev. Wimbush was the pastor of Neriah Baptist Church. Shortly after his acceptance, the two congregations merged, continuing under the name of Corinthian Baptist Church. Through his tireless and faithful efforts, the present structure was purchased July 6, 1958. Rev. J. C. Wimbush went on to be with the Lord on February 6. 1967. Rev. Eddie Smith, the assistant pastor, served the church as acting pastor for one year.


In February 1968, Rev. Roosevelt Brown accepted the call to pastor the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church. To date, Rev Brown and Sis Sarah Brown have served faithfully as pastor and first lady of this church for 48 years.


Under the leadership of Rev. Brown, there have been many structural changes and improvements to the church. These changes began in 1968 with countless repairs and the overcoming of many obstacles including the fire of 1971 in which approximately 75% of the church structure was destroyed. Over the years and decades, many rooms and areas around the church have been remodeled and changes have been made to both the interior and exterior of the church. The burning of the church mortgage occurred in August of 1978. Sister Carrie Wimbush, the former first lady, participated in the momentous occasion. In late 2005, we purchased the building next door at 1635 East 55th Street, with the dream to use for continuous growth and presence in the community.


Membership grew and several Christian men have been called into the ministry including his biological sons, Rev. Eric Brown who serves in Alabama and Rev. Dr., Randy Brown, the pastor of Enoree Baptist Church. Other sons in the ministry include Rev. William Hughley, Rev. Aurelius Sims, Rev. Roosevelt Taylor, Ministers Keaf Holliday, James Walker, Dontez Smith, and Yancey Lambert.


Enoree Missionary

Baptist Church 

                  If these walls could speak, they would tell you about the beginning of our great church. They would tell all how the Lord spoke to Reverend Clarence Worthy, and told him to "Go and feed His Sheep." Rev. Worth, his wife Jemima, their children, and some members left Clinton, South Carolina in 1920. Following the dictates of the Holy Spirit, the church was established in 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio. The name "Enoree" was derived from the Enoree River in South Carolina. The members had to cross this river going to and from in Newberry, South Carolina where the church was located, thus the Enoree Missionary Baptist Church.


The Church had many trials and tribulations moving several times (East 40th; East 37th; and East 75th. In 1943 J.D. and Amanda Douglas joined Enoree. In 1945 J.D. Douglas acknowledged his call to the ministry and was ordained by Rev. Clarence Worthy. Reverend Worthy served the church until 1948 at which time Rev. J.D. Douglas was elected as pastor on the first Sunday in April 1948.


With an increase in membership, the church moved to East 86th & Quincy and then to East 66th & Wade Park. With a continued increase in membership, the Lord inspired Rev. Douglas to build a church home. Through much prayer, dedication, love, and labor the members moved to 1531 East 70th Street, in August 1977.


During his pastoral term, Rev. Douglas groomed and tutored several young ministers to assist him. Due to his declining health Reverends Geter, Adams, and Marbury continued to assist him. In April 1986 the Lord saw fit to call His servant Pastor J.D. Douglas home to rest from his labor.


Under the auspices of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Napoleon Harris was elected on the first Sunday of April 1987. Under Pastor Harris' tutelage, Enoree continued to prosper. Then the Lord saw fit to move Pastor Harris on to Shiloh Baptist Church in Akron, Ohio in June 1988.



On the first Sunday of October 1988, Rev. Benjamin Aden assumed the pastoral duties of Enoree. The land from the back of the church to East 71st Street was purchased. Rev. Adams continued to pastor until December 1990.



The Lord has blessed Enoree by placing Rev., Dr., Randy Brown in the pulpit on the first Sunday of May 1991. He continued teaching Bible and Evangelistic classes to increase the spiritual growth of our membership. The Lord has truly used him as he worked and completed the remodeling of the back sanctuary.

. Rev., Dr.,  Brown also established the Summer Music & Art Program for members and the community. This evangelistic program served over 125 children and youth daily throughout the summer.


On August 24, 1995, Enoree held its first "Rejoice! Gospel Street Festival." It was a monumental day for both the church and the community. Under his leadership, several ministries were developed and implemented: Drill Team; Nurses Guild; Basketball Team; Minister's Wives; Pastor's Aide; Bus Ministry; and the Evangelistic Team.


In May 1998 the vision Renewal '99 commenced. It began with the Ground Breaking Service and the refurbishing of the main sanctuary and in the acquiring a new sound system in October. Church services were moved to the Progressive District Association Building for worship services. On the first Sunday of April 1999 "Resurrection Morning", we returned for our first worship service in our updated facility. The building consisted of the Multi-Purpose Center, Balcony, Sanctuary, Offices and the seating capacity of over 400 people.

Two churches joined together as one!

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